Board Of Trustees

Daniel Casey

I’ve been a Councillor in the area for 10 years. I’m the President of the Jaywick Sands Community Forum, President of the British Royal Legion, welfare carer for the British Legion to for ex service men and women. Also the Chairman of the Community Transport for Tendring and many other groups in the area.


Les Nicoll

Hi all within my role as Community builder for

Essex Fire and Rescue service 

I have been actively involved with

Jaywick for 16 years now.

I have always loved the village and those living there, attending both weddings and funerals

of the community.

I have loved ,respected and served the

Jaywick Forum from the first day I visited 

I am very proud to be asked to be a Trustee/board member of this Forum and hope I serve you well 

Les Nicoll 

Suzy Shimell

I’ve lived in Jaywick Sands since 2003. I've always been involved in community projects and fund raising for the area. I used to run the Jaywick Community Resource Centre. I also volunteer for dig 4 Jaywick Community Garden. I'm also founder of Jaywick Bees which my husband Barry is Chairman for. I've been part of Jaywick Sands Community Forum for many years and been an active member of the community.


Mary khaihra

I've lived in Jaywick Sands for 6 years, I'm a volunteer and trustee for

Jaywick Sands Community Forum.

I also work closely with citizen advice on behalf of  the forum.

Georgia Edwards

I’m founder of Baby Bank Tendring and a member of

Jaywick Sands Community Forum. I have worked in the community for many years to help local families in need. I have worked on many projects with Jaywick Sands Community Forum and will continue to do so.