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West Clacton & Jaywick Sands Litter Pickers

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West Clacton and Jaywick Sands Litter pickers are proud to announce that we are now working with Clean Up UK and Clacton Volunteer Litter Picking to help clean up West Clacton and Jaywick Sands. We would like to get all groups and residents involved coming together on sets dates that will be announced as soon as we know the dates. The more groups and individuals that come together the bigger the area we can cover. If you would like more information please click on the facebook link below or please email

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Jaywick Litter Pick 21st Aug 2022  

West Clacton and Jaywick Sands  Litter Pickers joined up with Clacton Litter Pickers. Local groups and residents were also invited over social media to work all as a community. Thank you for everyone that helped to make the community a cleaner place for everyone. Keep an eye out on social media and on this website for our next community Litter Pick.

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Tendring Beach Clean 2nd October 2022 10am
Meeting point to be announced

We have been asked by Clacton Volunteer Litter Picking to take part in the biggest beach clean we have ever heard of, this is amazing news. Anyone who is interested in West Clacton and Jaywick Sands please get in contact with us.

Info from Clacton Volunteer Litter Picking

2nd October 2022 at 10am

Our Second all Tendring beach clean.

This time will be an amalgamation of the Litterpicking groups.

Walton Against Lazy Littering (WALLYS)

Frinton Frombles

Clacton volunteer litter picking

West Clacton And Jaywick Sands Litter Pickers and Tendring Primary Recycle Scheme TPRS

We will cover a beach area of approximately 12 miles

This is with the help of RiverCare & BeachCare and Cleanup Tendring ( CleanupUK)

I am hoping to give more information and hopefully get some more volunteers.

We are all starting at 10am all at different locations. To be announced.


Tendring Beach Clean

Unfortunately, not many residents volunteered to help the area we were asked to do. There was just the 3 of us so covered as much of Jaywick beach as possible. We hope more residents volunteer next time when we do a litter pick so more area can be covered and to get together as a community.

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As we were doing the Jaywick beach clean we came across this fly tipping. Photos were taken and reported to the council.

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