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Working Partnership

Peabody support drop in at

Jayiwck Sands Community Forums office in Lotus Way

every Tuesday 1pm-4pm from 19th March 2024. No appointment required.

We help with:

Benefit claims and advice

Employment, training and volunteering  opportunities

Housing and homelessness issues

Support for drug and alcohol problems

Help with managing rent arrears

Getting support with mental health  Help with managing money and budgeting

Care and support options in Essex

 Health and wellbeing

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Hi my name is Diana Hogben and I have opened up a community weight support group here in Jaywick Sands called Right Balance.


I have completed an Understanding and Health Level 2 course so I will be sharing my own tips and tricks with you and all my sessions will be backed by British Heart Foundation publications.


Our sessions take a light-hearted and supportive approach and we aim to make you feel comfortable on your weight loss journey.


We meet monthly, on a Wednesday afternoon, from 

2-4pm at the Jaywick Sands Community Forum office in Lotus Way. Generally this is the first Wednesday of the month but does change from time to time to meet members requirements. 


You are invited to come along and be weighed, learn tips on healthy eating and join in with others who also want to lose weight. We use a portion counting system that makes losing weight easier and less complicated. 


We have a WhatsApp support group you can join or you can contact me personally by email or Facebook Messenger service. 


It’s FREE and no membership or joining fees. Join us now and lead a healthier lifestyle. We look forward to welcoming you. 


Call me on 07476663634 or email for more details.

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Welcome to Leos Rides! I’m Simon and I set up this project that I am hope will be come a full charity. The difference a bike made to me was amazing – it not only helped me on both a physical and mental level, but I have made a lot of new friends too!  This was something I wonted to help others with. As I have for years rebuilt and donated bikes found while doing security events to others to help them and my son Leo loved playing and watching daddy rebuilding bikes. I wanted to give something back, so I set up Leos Rides in honor of my young son.  Leos Rides does 2 things:


1 – We take in old bikes and recondition them to give out to members of the local community who are in desperate need of a bike. We either recondition your bike or give you a reconditioned

bike that has been donated. 

2 – I am a trained cycle leader and I create rides for the local community to join

in with, so they have someone to ride with in a safe way.  


So if are in need of a bike or a ride then Leos Rides has all you need!!  


We also have a members club that is free to join. All members get a free yearly service and I am always happy to help if you have any bike problems. 


Looking to the future, I am hoping to do the rest of the retraining to be a full bike teacher able to fully train any one to ride a bike free. Plus also I teach others how to maintain their bikes and also am training others to help build more bikes to help others in the community. Leos rides is growing every day. 


Contact me on 07966231383 or   Click here to view Leos Rides facebook page​


West Clacton & Jaywick Sands

Crime Watch



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