Working Partnership


Jaywick Sands Community Forum

are working with Citizens Advice to bring a surgery to the area once a week 930am - 230pm

every Wednesday in the forums office. 

Pop into the forums office during opening hours Monday - Friday 10am -1pm to make an appointment if there isn't one available on the day or time you require or call

Citizen Advice Clacton on

0344 411 1144.

Also you can email the forum on

and it will be forward on.

Jaywick Sands Community Forum

is in collaboration with Essex Law Clinic.

They offer FREE LEGAL ADVICE on a wide variety of issues affecting families, such as divorce and access to children, housing conditions, evictions and homelessness, employment, consumer disputes and benefit problems.

All Advice is given by University of Essex law students in the strictest confidence under supervision of a qualified supervisor. 


Appointment Only - NO DROP IN'S

First Wednesday of each month

Contact Jaywick Law Clinic on

Please complete referral form, this can be collected from Jaywick Sands Community Forums office during opening hours and then emailed.


Hi! My name is Diana Hogben and I have opened up a community weight support

group here in Jaywick Sands called Right Balance

I have completed an Understanding Nutrition and Health Level 2 course, so I will be sharing my own tips and tricks with you and all my sessions will be backed up by British Heart Foundation publications.  Our sessions take a light-hearted and supportive approach, and we aim to make you feel comfortable on your weight loss journey. 


We meet on a Saturday at Jaywick Sands Community Forum office Lotus Way from 9am to 11am followed by an optional Ramblers well-being walk. You are invited to come along and be weighed, learn tips on healthy eating and join in with others who also want to lose weight.  We use a portion counting system that makes losing weight easier and less complicated. 


It’s FREE and there is no joining or membership fees. I hope to offer an

afternoon group soon during the week. This is subject to demand

so if interested please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.


Join me to get healthy with either a portion or calorie controlled

healthy diet approach and achieve your own Right Balance!


Call me on 07476663634 or email for more details.

Click here to view Right Balance facebook page

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Welcome to Leos Rides! I’m Simon and I set up this project that I am hope will be come a full charity. The difference a bike made to me was amazing – it not only helped me on both a physical and mental level, but I have made a lot of new friends too!  This was something I wonted to help others with. As I have for years rebuilt and donated bikes found while doing security events to others to help them and my son Leo loved playing and watching daddy rebuilding bikes. I wanted to give something back, so I set up Leos Rides in honor of my young son.  Leos Rides does 2 things:


1 – We take in old bikes and recondition them to give out to members of the local community who are in desperate need of a bike. We either recondition your bike or give you a reconditioned

bike that has been donated. 

2 – I am a trained cycle leader and I create rides for the local community to join

in with, so they have someone to ride with in a safe way.  


So if are in need of a bike or a ride then Leos Rides has all you need!!  


We also have a members club that is free to join. All members get a free yearly service and I am always happy to help if you have any bike problems. 


Looking to the future, I am hoping to do the rest of the retraining to be a full bike teacher able to fully train any one to ride a bike free. Plus also I teach others how to maintain their bikes and also am training others to help build more bikes to help others in the community. Leos rides is growing every day. 


Contact me on 07966231383 or   Click here to view Leos Rides facebook page

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Jaywick Sands Neighbourhood Watch

Jaywick Sands Neighbourhood Watch was set up in 2020 by Chairman Bradley Thompson. The Vice Chair is Daniel Casey, a local councilor and Secretary is Andrea Thompson. We work closely with Tendring policing team, the fire brigade, Tendring District Council and many more other organisations in the area to insure residents have the best up date information to what goes on in the area and they have someone to talk to. Please contact us on


Click here to view our facebook page

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A big Thank you to the JSCF for the kind donation of Free use of the office space to benefit the

community .What is C.B.T ?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

Or C.B.T as it is commonly known . Is a type of  solution focused Therapy. 

Unfortunately if you visit your G.P with Anxiety,Depression, O.C.D Anger Issues or some other emotional or mental issues  .They will probably refer you to a therapist . The vast majority of referrals will be for C.B.T.

As we know Unfortunately how long you have to wait for this type of Therapy can be

a lottery, varying from 6 to 18 months.

The West Clacton and Jaywick Sands Mental Wellbeing Association.  Was set up to serve the residents of the Area and Allow them to get more or less immediate help . The C.B.T classes run for 4 consecutive weeks ( 2 weeks introduction and 2 weeks implementation)

C.B.T looks at our automatic thinking styles and whether they are true etc .The fact is we feel as we think so if there are some common distortions in our thinking style we are more likely to react to

situations in a negative way. 

The wc&js mwa delivers these classes absolutely free to all residents ( and all service personel and veterans throughout Tendring ),All course materials are supplied free and refreshments too .

The classes run from 7pm - 8.30pm every Friday evening .

They are delivered by an integrative psychotherapist with many years experience in practice .Fully qualified registered and insured with all relevant psycotherapy and counselling bodies .It is in confidence and all we ask is your name and contact number .Please feel free to contact us at 

Via email @

Or via our Facebook page, click here

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