The Management Committee


Bradley Thompson

I am the Chairman of the Jaywick Sands Community Forum. I’m also the Chairman of Jaywick Sands Neighbourhood Watch. I help out with issues in Jaywick for residents and local groups on a daily basis. I'm planning on running for local councilor as an independent in the next election in May 2023.


  Andrea Thompson

I'm secretary of Jaywick Sands Community Forum. Secretary for Jaywick Sands Neighbourhood Watch and founder of Jaywick Community Gardens and Litter Pickers.

Michelle Mernagh

I'm Treasurer of the Jawick Sands

Community Forum and one of the founders of

Access Jaywick (equality for disabled

and elderly residents). 

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Gary Clarke.jpg

Gary Clarke

I'm Vice Chair of Jaywick Sands Community Forum. I'm also one of the founders of Sandys Farm. I also live in Jaywiick and do a lot of volunteer work in the community.

Jaywick Sands Community Forum have been lucky enough over the Covid 19 pandemic to have had funding and been supported by Active Essex, National Lottery Community Fund, Baby Bank Tendring, NEST, Jaywick Sands Community Land Trust, CVST, EALC, Premier Nash’s Convenience, Asda, Tesco and Morrisons, Walton and Clacton Food Bank. We look forward to working with all groups coming out of the pandemic and getting back to normal.

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